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Why Upgrade Your Switchboard to RCD Circuit Breakers?

In our commitment to ensuring your electrical safety and compliance with Australian standards, BWM Electrical Services highlights the importance of upgrading your old switchboard from wired fuses or circuit breakers to Residual Current Device (RCD) circuit breakers.

1. Enhanced Safety:

​Switching to RCD circuit breakers significantly minimizes the risk of electrical fires and protects you and your loved ones from electric shocks, providing a safer home and workplace environment.

2. Compliance with Australian Standards (AS/NZS 3000):

Upgrading ensures your electrical system aligns with the latest Australian Standards, safeguarding your property’s electrical integrity.


3. Improved Electrical Efficiency:

Modern RCD circuit breakers ensure optimal electrical efficiency, reducing energy wastage and contributing to a more environmentally friendly electrical system.


4. Increased Property Value:

An updated, compliant switchboard adds value to your property, making it a worthwhile investment for the future.

5. Peace of Mind:

Enjoy the assurance that your electrical system is up to date, functioning efficiently, and providing the highest level of safety.

Switchboard Upgrades and Repairs with BWM Electrical Services

Are you living in an older home or grappling with inadequate power supply? BWM Electrical Services is here to guarantee you a secure and efficient mains upgrade, ensuring amplified power delivery for all your devices and appliances.

Make the Safe Switch Today!

Transition from outdated ceramic fuse switchboards with BWM Electrical Services. Our superior switchboard upgrades and safety switch installations not only meet Australian standards but dramatically decrease the risk of fuse-related fires or electrocution.

When Should You Consider a Switchboard Upgrade?

Upgrading your switchboard with BWM Electrical Services can potentially lower your insurance premiums while enhancing the safety standards of your property. Older, outdated switchboards may not comply with current regulations, posing risks with modern appliances and smart meters, and possibly leading to denied insurance claims in case of fire damages.

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